We run an appointment system and patients should contact reception staff to arrange all appointments. If you arrive without having a booked appointment you must expect to wait or return another day. However in cases of emergency patients will be seen immediately. A Duty Doctor is on call daily for patients who are happy to see any doctor in the surgery.

Longer Appointments

The duration of a standard appointment is 10—15minutes. If you think a longer time is required, a prolonged consultation can be arranged on request.

Prolonged consultations are required for:

  • “general check-ups”
  • insurance and employment medicals
  • Mental health problems
  • Heavy vehicle license examinations
  • If you have multiple issues you wish to discuss with your GP

Only one person can be seen in any one appointment time. Separate appointments are required for other family members. If you ask the doctor to see another family member you will forcing others to wait longer for their appointment. Post-natal visits require two appointments, one each for mother and baby.

Waiting times in the surgery

There are many reasons why sometimes you may wait for your appointment. Our doctors cover all admission and emergencies at the Riverland General Hospital, attend major trauma patients, and provide 24hour cover. Did you know that 4 doctors are required at a caesarean section to deliver a baby? This could happen during consulting hours. A patient with a heart attack can keep the doctor at the hospital for 1-2 hours. Please try to be understanding of the difficulties in keeping to schedule.

Correct bookings for longer appointments by patients and not arriving late for your appointment also prevents a back log in the waiting room. You can ring before your appointment to check if the doctor is on time, or ask on arrival. We will try to keep you informed about delays.

Our Clinic App

You can now download our Clinic App to book appointments via your phone.