An Emergency Doctor is on call daily for patients who need to be seen urgently on any day. You may need to speak with a nurse before an appointment is booked.  Patients will be given an appointment time.  There may be a slight delays but we hope no longer than 30mins.

We DO NOT book appointments prior to the day for this service as it is only for emergencies.

Fees for the Emergency Doctor Monday – Friday

Standard Fee—$75.60

Concession Fee – Bulk-Billed

Our surgery is open on Saturday mornings between 9am – 11.30am. Appointments are for emergencies, dressings and script patients only. We ask that you phone from 8.30am on the day to arrange an appointment time, doors will be open from 9am. Please be aware that you will be seen by the first doctor available. We do not book appointments prior to the day.

Fees for Saturday –

Standard Fee $80.60

Concession Card Holder’s Fee $20 (non-refundable)

The Ante-natal clinic is run every Monday by one of our obstetric doctors and includes a midwife from Riverland General Hospital. The clinic aims to provide a high standard of health care to ante-natal patients throughout their pregnancy and up until the time of delivery.

Normal fees apply. Concession card holders will be bulk billed.

The Diabetes Clinic is run by our Diabetes Educator. They aims to support and motivate patients to understand diabetes and their personal health risks to make informed choices including diet, exercise and effective use of medication. The Diabetes Educator will also help patients to monitor blood glucose levels and use the results to improve diabetes control, manage high and low blood glucose levels and develop sick day management plans.

This is a bulk billed service

Treating Asthma & COPD

The Respiratory Clinic aims to provide ongoing support and education for patients with Asthma & COPD. The Respiratory nurse will assist patients through management and action plans as well as effective use of medication. The clinic is run weekly on a Monday afternoon, consulting with both asthma & COPD patients. The appointment takes approximately 45 minutes with the Respiratory Nurse followed by a consultation with a GP. 

This is a bulk billed service

Skin Cancer Clinic

The Skin Cancer Clinic has been developed to provide skin cancer screening and treatment for Riverland patients. Photographic and computer equipment allow the doctor to photograph moles and other skin lesions for regular comparison in order to check for any changes which may indicate that a melanoma is developing.

Standard fee –

Consult $111.70

Each week on a Tuesday morning there is an Aboriginal health clinic. This clinic operates together with the Aboriginal Health Unit at Riverland Community Health Service. This clinic is designed exclusively for ATSI patients to access regular healthcare.

This is a bulk billed service.

INR testing

Each week there are 2 INR clinics held on Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm. Patients who require an INR check are asked to book into a clinic. There will be a doctor assigned to each clinic to review results.

Please note that this clinic is solely for INR tests. Any patient needing scripts or a doctor’s advice must make an appointment.

This is a bulk billed service.

Aged Health Assessments are available for patients over 75 years of age.   A Health Assessment nurse will visit you in your home to do a preliminary assessment. An appointment will then be booked for you with one of our doctors to complete your assessment.

This is a bulk billed service.

Here at the Berri Medical Clinic our GP’s utilise the Chronic Disease Management Plans as set out by Medicare.

Chronic Disease Management Plans are designed for patients who require a more structured approach to their care. It enables your GP to plan and co-ordinate your care utilising a multidisciplinary team.

This plan will:

  • Identify your health care needs
  • Set out the services to be provided by your GP
  • List the actions you need to take

This is a bulk billed service.