FROM Left: Maggie Chown, Kris Muller, Desiree Matthews

Maggie Chown

Registered Nurse / Health Promotions

Maggie joined the practice in 2016 in the role of clinic health promotion.
This role includes Home Health Assessments for patients over 75 years of age,
Management Plans for patients with a chronic disease, and 45-49 year Health Checks
for patients at risk of a chronic disease.


Kristin Muller
Registered Nurse / Credentialed Diabetes Educator

Kristin was initially employed at the practice as an RN in 2000. In 2004 she became involved with the Diabetes Clinic working as a Diabetes Practice Nurse.

In 2009 Kristin undertook a post graduate degree at Flinders University obtaining her Graduate Certificate in Health – Diabetes Management and Education. In 2010 Kristin became a credentialed diabetes educator (CDE).


Desiree Matthews
Registered Nurse / Credentialed Diabetes Educator

Desiree has been involved in the Diabetes Clinic since 2014. In 2014 she also undertook further study doing a Graduate Certificate in Health – Diabetes Management and Education. Desiree became a credentialed diabetes educator (CDE) in 2015. Desiree also does diabetes management within the Aboriginal Health Clinic.

What is a CDE?

A CDE is a health professional that has studied diabetes education and care at the post graduate level and meets the professional requirements of the Australian Diabetes Education Association (ADEA). They work in partnership with GP’s, other members of the healthcare team and people with diabetes to achieve mutually agreed management goals.

Ongoing credentialing status is re-applied for every year.

A CDE is a provider of diabetes education recognized by Medicare and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Who Can Be referred to a CDE?

  • Newly diagnosed patients with diabetes.
  • Existing patients with sub-optimal control and or risk factors for developing diabetes complications.
  • Patient’s commencing insulin therapy.
  • Pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes) or when pregnancy is being contemplated in pre-existing Type 1or Type 2 diabetics.
  • Patients lacking self-care knowledge.
  • Patients wanting updated information to assist them in managing their diabetes.
  • Patients with diabetes who have a GP Management Plan can access up to 5 visits to a CDE with an EPC referral. (See Chronic Disease Management Plans).